Surgeries at DFC India

Surgeries at DFC India

The aim of a diabetic foot clinic is holistic and mainly aimed at preventing a diabetic foot infection or a diabetic foot ulcer. in spite of that in view of neuropathy, vasculopathy and increased sugars in such patients. There is a high incidence of infections ulcerations and gangrene in patients

DFC India diabetic foot clinic undertakes various surgeries in such patients.

A few surgeries to list are

Incision and drainage of Abscess which essentially means if there is pus formation an incision or a cut is made to        evacuate and clean up the infection

debridement this essentially means cleaning up of tissues either buy sharp debridement with surgical blades or             scissors or with a high powered water jet

Amputation the aim of a good diabetic foot clinic is to avoid amputations as far as possible. however when they            infection or tissue death is beyond repair it is important to amputate or cut apart to prevent further spread of               infection and gangrene which may risk either the limb or life.

Amputations can be ranging from a single toe amputation, 4 foot amputation or in severe cases a below knee or            above knee amputation

reconstruction surgeries usually done with a team of foot and ankle orthopedic surgeons specially in a neuro                arthropathic food meaning thereby a partial or complete destruction of the bones of the foot related to                            neuropathy or lack of sensations. They said also colloquially described as a charcos foot

Split skin grafting Large areas which are unlikely to heal by themselves need to be covered with skin this skin is            harvested from the patients own thigh and fixed on the raw area So that the wound heals completely

pedicle flap surgery this is done along with a team of highly skilled plastic  and reconstructive surgeons where a          flap of skin and muscle along with its blood supply  is harvested and then joined to the raw area  using                           microvascular anastomosis within effect means joining blood vessels to restore blood supply