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Diabetic Foot Care

A comprehensive foot examination and part counselling is the key in preventing diabetic foot

Qualified Team

Diabetic Foot has become a socio economic problem and can be tackled with team effort

Doorstep Treatment

Mobilizing a diabetic foot patient becomes difficult. Home dressing becomes convenient and cost effective for patient


DfC India (DIABETIC FOOT CLINIC) is a need based clinic. With an increase in the number of diabetic patients and an increase in the number of actively working diabetics, it is a pity to see the debility associated with a diabetic foot. It is still sadder to note THAT A LARGE NUMBER OF FOOT COMPLICATIONS ARE TOTALLY PREVENTABLE.

As most of the foot problems in a diabetic are preventable, educating the patient about his problem is of foremost importance. He ought to be fully aware about regular monitoring of blood sugar levels thereby reducing complications, he ought to be fully aware that NOT having pain in a wound is a BAD sign and not a good one, he ought to be fully aware that prompt diabetic foot treatment can make a difference between saving a foot or losing a foot………….the list is endless.

All this requires time and a holistic approach. DIABETIC FOOT TREATMENT is not by an individual but by a team comprising of surgeon, diabetologist, podiatrist, nutritionist, shoemaker and a counselor . It requires a dedicated team of dressers who can make home visits to take care of complicated and cumbersome dressings. With this mission a team of professionals led by Dr.Tushar D. Rege, Diabetic Foot Surgeon, came together to start a clinic to be run in a scientific manner to cater to foot problems and complications in diabetics. In addition, educating people through camps and seminars remains one of the prime agendas of DFC.


Create awareness amongst people to the concept of Diabetic Foot as a serious entity and treat it in scientific way to avoid amputations wherever possible.

Meet the team

Dr. Tushar Devidas Rege
Masters in Surgery, 30 years of private practice in Central Mumbai
Dr. Farhat Shaikh
Clinical Associate
Qualified homeopath from the MUHS, well versed in management of diabetes
Dr. Aparna Rege, Anesthesiologist
Dr. Aparna Rege
Qualified anaesthetist from the Mumbai University, experience of more than ten years

Our Services


Routine foot examination for early detection of foot at risk & treatment of the foot problems which have already occurred.

Diet & Fitness

Diet plays a major role in managing the blood-sugars of the patient. Individualised diet plan is provided to each patient

Home Dressing

Mobilizing diabetic patients to the clinics for dressings everyday becomes difficult, hence trained dressers are sent home for dressings.

Surgical Treatment

Corns, callus, infections (pus formation) to severe ones like cellulitis and gangrene which may require major surgeries including amputations.


Diabetic footwear are made specially by podiatrists to offload pressure points on the soles of the feet.

Foot Care

Foot care in diabetes is must to avoid complications, hence each patient is counselled for the same.