Diabetic pedicure

Diabetic pedicure

In the year 2022 DFC India started a new concept of Diabetic pedicure most diabetics have the following problems:

Hard and brittle nails

Clawing of toes with rigidity

Lessening of inter digital space

Severe neuropathy thereby leading to lack of sensations

Stiff joints and therefore inability to clean their feet

With this in mind diabetic pedicure was started. The services offered at diabetic pedicure are :

Classic pedicure wear baseline cleaning of feed clipping of nails filing of nails is done

Antifungal pedicure done for patients with interdigital fungal infection when in addition to the above antifungal          treatment is undertaken.

Deluxe pedicure where in addition to above a gentle foot massage is performed. This is important  because many         patients. We have cramps and aching legs prefer a vigorous massage and this can be a precursor to                                   subcutaneous  hematoma infection thereby leading to severe foot infections and gangrene. The most Important           part of this pedicure however is that the patient is counselled during the pedicure so as to take foot care with the        final aim of preventing infections gangrene thereby leading to amputations

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