Dear Newly Detected Diabetic,

Dear Newly Detected Diabetic,

It is like any other normal day. You wake up feeling as normal as ever. But for some reason  your nagging spouse insists that you get a health check up. You reluctantly go to the lab without breakfast and get yourself pricked for some blood tests hoping that the normalcy you feel will be reflected in the blood report.

But when you see the report, it says… Fasting Blood Sugar- 200, HbA1C-7.5. And when the physician says that these values are beyond the normal range, everything changes.

You realise you just got a lifelong companion DIABETES.

At first, your mind is plagued with doubt. “Why did it happen?” “Where did I go wrong?” “Don’t I run around a lot in my office?” “I don’t even eat sweets that often!” These are some of the many questions that come to your mind.

Next ,your mind is filled with regret…

For all those times that you thought that running around in office could replace exercise.

For all those times you ordered a greasy take out at work because cooking at home was time consuming.

And then you start looking at the future…

“Am I dying?”

“What complications await me?”

“What lifestyle changes do I need to prevent any further damage?”


. .

Was that your story? Are you grappled by the same questions?

If yes, We have an advise for you…JUST RELAX. Come out of the denial and regret phase and look forward.

You have 2 options.One, Treat Diabetes like a friend and second, Treat it like an enemy. It behaves the way you behave with it. Remember it is more of a lifestyle disorder and hence can be very well controlled.

Regular check ups from your Physician and Diabetologist , a watch on your HbA1C, balanced diet and regular exercise is the KEY to a healthy life with Diabetes.