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Routine foot examination for early detection of foot at risk & treatment of the foot problems which have already occurred.

Diet & Fitness

Diet plays a major role in managing the blood-sugars of the patient. Individualized diet plan is suggested to the patients as and when required.

Home Dressing

Mobilizing diabetic patients to the clinics for dressings everyday becomes difficult, hence trained dressers are sent home for dressings.

Surgical Treatment

Corns, callus, infections (pus formation) to severe ones like cellulitis and gangrene which may require major surgeries including amputations.


Diabetic footwear are made specially to offload pressure points on the soles of the feet.

Foot Care

Foot care in diabetes is must to avoid complications, hence each patient is counselled for the same.


What our patients say

After two months, my leg is normal and I can walk. Frankly speaking, Dr. Rege saved my foot and life. Only little swelling is there. I am totally happy with Dr. Rege and his approach towards patients.
Suhas K Naik

Meet the team

Dr. Tushar Devidas Rege
Masters in Surgery, 30 years of private practice in Central Mumbai
Dr. Farhat Shaikh
Clinical Associate
Qualified homeopath from the MUHS, well versed in management of diabetes
Dr. Aparna Rege, Anesthesiologist
Dr. Aparna Rege
Qualified anaesthetist from the Mumbai University, experience of more than ten years

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