diabetic foot treatment
diabetic foot treatment

Diagnostic Methods at Diabetic Foot Clinic (DFC) India


This is performed with the help of an instrument known as biothesiometer or vibrometer (as it produces vibrations). This instrument helps in finding out early sensory loss in the feet & thereby helps in early detection of DIABETIC PERIPHERAL NEUROPATHY, one of the most important factors that contributes to developing diabetic foot.

diabetic foot treatment


Helps knowing the blood supply to the feet or detection of gross DIABETIC VASCULOPATHY and thereby gives clue to the prognosis or need of surgical intervention wherever required.

diabetic foot treatment


This is done by HARRIS MAT , where a foot scan is taken to find out the pressure points, the prime factor responsible for ulcers & calluses developing on foot. Once the pressure points are detected, these are then offloaded with the help of specialized footwear to avoid further damage to the foot.

diabetic foot treatment
All the above mentioned specialised diagnostic test are very important for diabetic foot treatment as these help identifying the cause at early stages.


“Create awareness amongst people to the concept of Diabetic Foot as a serious entity and treat it in scientific way to avoid amputations wherever possible”

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